Sour Balls, originally called Huamei or Li Hing Mui are dried preserved plums, they have been a snack of the Chinese for ages. Huamei (preserved plums) are also regarded as a traditional Chinese medicine, that is good for the stomach, lungs and spleen.

The traditional Huamei were basically dried and salted plums, with licorice and ginger. The salted plums like most preserved fruits; were preserved to keep the goods fresh in hot and humid climate, for travelers among the countryside. They were sold in dispensaries and herb shops that specialized in dried and preserved fruits.

While growing up in South Seattle, a young Uncle Junya would buy these preserved plums and ginger; and eat them with Lemon. In fact sour balls and ginger (preserved plums and preserved ginger) have been a favorable snack of the inner city for generations. Starting with the preserved plums Uncle Junya soaks the sour balls in his special blend of organic juices, then adds his personal blend of Li Hing Mui to give it just the perfect amount of sweet, salty and sour. The end result is a sour ball that is sweet in the beginning, followed by the salty, sweetness of the Li Hing Mui and finally a tartness of lemon, resulting in a sour ball that is sweet, yet not-to-salty and sour. Uncle Junya's Brand Sour Balls & Ginger are organic with all natural ingredients. No preservatives and the Li Hing Mui contains no Aspartame or artificial sweetners.. Try a pack today!