Sour Balls are Chinese preserved plums. The plums are dehydrated preserved in salt, licorice and a sweetener, in our case, pure Hawaiian Cane Sugar. They are called "Crack Seed" pronounced "Li Hing" or Humaei, meaning the traveling plum. Travelers would preserve fruits for long journeys. Li Hing Mui is the plum powder, in which the "Crack Seed" or Sour Balls are preserved in resulting in a salty, sweet and sour taste.

Ginger is preserved (pickled) Ginger strips. Our preserved Ginger is soaked in an all natural juice blend and then preserved in Li Hing Mui powder, before dehydrated in our Li Hing Mui Powder. The taste is sweet, salty with the spice "hot taste" of Ginger.

Lemon Peel is dehydrated Lemon Peel soaked in our juice blend, and dehydrated in our Li Hing Mui powder. The Lemon Peel are ate whole, rind and all. The taste is sweet, soar and tart.

Li Hing Mui is plum powder; crushed dehydrated plums. Our Li Hing Mui powder is Aspartame, Saccharine, MSG free, and contains pure Hawaiian Cane Sugar, resulting in a sweeter, tarter taste than most Li Hing Mui.

Although our products are made in Seattle, Washington alot of the ingredients are imported from Mainland China and Hawaii. The ancient technique of preserving fruits are only done by a few in China. The type of plums are only available in Asia. Because of that reality, we are subject to import, agricultural issues, like tariffs, shortages, natural disaster and price variances. We do our best to stay financially reasonable, consistent and exercise fair trade.

When buying online the shipping cost, is included in the printed sales cost (free shipping). For international orders please email subnoisedistribution@gmail.com