We have "Online Pop-Ups"; where we announce a date, time and people flood our website to purchase products, until we sell out. Our products are in high demand, so this enables us to keep purchasing fair in our global marketplace. We are a small company, so the "Online Pop-Up" sales model works perfect for us. We connect to our supporters through social media, and our mailing list, where we promote and announce times, special discounts and store hours.


At times we have "Physical Pop-Ups"; where we pop up in a physical location and sell until we sell out. When we have physical pop ups, we generally partner with a store or venue, promote date, time and people come to the promoted location to purchase products.


We also have our "Uncle Junya's Corner Store"; where we open the store unannounced or quietly promoted and sell until we sell out, usually at discounted prices. All of our sales models, are promoted through our social media, and mailing list. If you dont follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter please do. We also encourage you to join our mailing list.

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