Here at Uncle Junya's Sour Balls & Ginger, we strive to keep our prices affordable. We cannot compete with buying bulk or wholesale products. Crack Seed, and Chinese herb stores will have similar products (Sour Balls & Ginger), but they are not ours. We pride ourselves on our taste, all natural ingredients and the packaging of our products. We are a retail company, so our competitors are other online retail stores.

As of now we do not have a retail operation, we are online. Our price includes shipping, in which is $3-4.50 in the U.S and some parts of Canada. Most retail Sour Ball packs have 8-10 pieces at 1.2oz, for $3-4.00, we have over 1/4lb or over 30-35 pieces at $12.99 per box (pack). Likewise most retail Ginger packs have nowhere near the 1/4lb we sell for $11.99. No one has our Lemon Peel, so there is no comparison. We are all, wholesale, bulk, retail online or in the store; all Crack Seed, Ginger and Li Hing Mui producers and resellers, are subject to Chinese import / export taxes and shortages that affect the overall price. Thanks for your time!


Uncle Junya's "All Natural", Sour Balls, Ginger, Lemon Peel, & Li Hing Mui Mango!